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“It’s not just what we do that’s important – it’s how and why we do it that differentiates us from the rest”

– Up Financial Team

Our Story

Our firm was founded by experienced ex-major financial institution advisors on the belief that advice should be objective, transparent, and customized. With an in depth understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities clients face, we work with you to develop effective, tailored strategies designed to help you pursue your short and long term goals.

A fiduciary standard of care means that your needs are always put first. We’re structured to provide fee-based advice, ensuring that there is no bias to our investment recommendations.

Our Calgary wealth and investment advisors are some of the most educated financial advisors in Canada. They provide a diverse educational background to ensure that you are provided with the most up to date and accurate advice for even the most complicated financial situations.

The Two Major Issues We Saw In The Industry

  1.  The vast majority of “financial advisors” are simply sales people. They sell products instead of giving advice and tend to work only with certain products. Investment brokers calling themselves “financial advisors” who manage investments but don’t look at the big picture, insurance salespeople calling themselves “financial advisors” but who only sell insurance, and “estate planners” who only try to sell big life insurance policies. Without title regulations in an industry already flooded with jargon and confusion it’s no wonder Canadians struggle to find good quality financial advice.

  2. Most financial advice comes in the form of “house” products. A bank advisor will sell their bank’s products, an insurance advisor will sell their insurance company’s products. But who says those recommendations are the best ones for you? Often, they’re not. Your advisor is restricted from doing what’s in your best interest, and is instead working in the best interest of themselves and the firms they represent.

The Solution

  1. Practicing with a Fiduciary Standard of Care – Our sole responsibility and duty is to advise in the best interest of our clients.

  2. No house products. The structure of our business removes this conflict of interest and allows us to focus on to delivering results, rather than potentially selling a product with a higher commission.

  3. Up Financial is a fee based practice. Instead of being compensated by fund companies that may vary in compensation, we charge a set rate ensuring there is no financial incentive for recommending one company over another.

Our Team

The vast majority of “financial advisors” are simply sales people. Shouldn’t there be a better way?

Elijah Kirchmaier


Dylan Rieberer


Nathan Wood


Daniel Sheehan


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