Dylan Rieberer

“It’s not just what we do that’s important – it’s how and why we do it that differentiates us from the rest”

– Up Financial Team

Dylan Rieberer

BCom, CIM®,

Up Financial - Private Wealth Advisor
Up Investment Management Of Aligned Capital Partners - Investment Advisor


Once he realized that he could take his hockey career no further, Dylan turned his attention towards academics, and quickly found that he held a strong aptitude for finance. Being recruited straight from university into a highly selective advisor training program at a top financial institution in Canada, Dylan was soon disheartened by the sad truth that many in the industry were simply salespeople under the guise of financial experts. Rather than conforming, he joined Up Financial, because he too believes in providing objective, transparent, and expert advice to his clients above all else, and the constant pursuit of knowledge to do just this.

Dylan lives in Calgary with his fiancée, their son Luca, and dog Rip. In his spare time he engages in many activities, including:

  • Serving as an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves as an Infanteer and Section 2IC;

  • Coaching elite youth hockey (most recently Peewee AA Div Champions, Provincial Runner-Ups);

  • Playing hockey in the Calgary Garrison Hockey League, and;

  • Writing and playing music.


Dylan holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce – Finance Specialization from the top Business School in Canada (UBC Sauder). Always knowing he wanted to be in Wealth Management, he studied a wide range of relevant subjects in addition to Finance, including Tax & Accounting, Economics, and Real Estate.

Dylan holds the CIM Designation, and Certificates in Advanced Financial & Investment Advice, Retirement Strategies, and Trust & Estate Planning. He has also completed all educational components to the CFP and CIWM designations, and is awaiting his final exams for each.

Firmly believing that education and knowledge are what set advisors apart, he is constantly expanding his areas of expertise in order to provide increasingly sophisticated advice. Next, he plans to complete his U.S. Licensing, CFA, CKA, and TEP designations.


Given his background, Dylan specializes in working with a few notable groups of clientele:

  • Athletes, and the Parents of Hopeful Professional Athletes – ‘Sports Families’.

    • Special considerations include cross-border tax & financial issues, managing sudden financial windfalls, income splitting techniques, financial challenges of living away from home at a young age, education considerations and contingency plans, and budgeting techniques to deal with high expenses.

  • ‘Public Service Personnel’ including Police / RCMP, CAF, Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, EMT’s, & Teachers.

    • Special considerations include pension management, early retirement, disability and health issues, family support, debt repayment, and education funding.

  • Working with Religious Individuals and Families who wish to see their values reflected in their financial plans and investments.

    • Special considerations include financial stewardship, faith-based investing, charitable donations & tithing, and investment constraints based on beliefs.

Dylan also provides specialized services to a more general audience:

  • Comprehensive financial planning, including tax, estate, and retirement income planning;

  • Wealth accumulation, including budgeting and savings techniques, and investing for growth;

  • Family wealth planning, including intergenerational wealth transfers & income splitting techniques, and;

  • Risk management & insurance solutions.

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