Liquidity Events

Liquidity Events are unique often once-in-a-lifetime occurrences that can pose significant Tax, Legal, Investment and emotional challenges. 

Managing Liquidity Events

Initial public offerings, sales of private businesses, lottery winnings, commuted value pensions, sports & entertainment contracts, inheritances, legal winnings, insurance proceeds and severance packages are some of the most common liquidity events that we have experience dealing with.

Given the significant financial impact of these types of events we recommend seeking out Financial Professionals who have experience specifically with this type of planning.

Initial Public Offerings

How to manage your investment portfolio post IPO.

Business Sales

Are you in the process of selling or have recently sold your business?

Sports & entertainment Contracts

Working with Agents & Professionals to plan for the future.


Managing tax and investments for intergenerational wealth transfers.

Insurance Proceeds

Are you expecting a payout from an insurance company?

Severance Packages

Managing severances, lump sum pensions and group savings plan transitions.

Commuted Value Pensions

Should you take your commuted value pension?

Legal Winnings

Have you recently won in court?

Lottery Winnings

How to manage lottery winnings and not end up another statistic.

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